Document Register

We take quality and testing seriously. Ensuring our products meet or exceed client expectations is important but ensuring the products we supply meet all the appropriate Australian Standards is paramount. This register is a schedule of documents issued with respect to products we supply to the Australian building industry.

StandardsMark Licence





Front Glazed CertAluminium awning window with fixed panelsAS20478/11/12
Front Glazed Test Report *Aluminium awning window with fixedAS204724/9/12
AZT0055.15 *100mm cetre glazed awning fixed windowAS204712/3/15
AZT0057.15 *Centre Glazed - Fixed LiteAS204716/3/15
AZT0058.15 *85mm Front Glazed - Fixed LiteAS2047 17/3/15
AZT0059.15 *100mm Front Glazed Fixed PanelAS204717/3/15
AZT0060.15 *100mm Heavy Duty Sliding DoorAS204717/3/15
AZT0084.15 *Slide Fix WindowAS204721/4/15
AZT0315.15 *Glass LouvreAS20477/10/15
AZT0346.15 *Ultimate pull test - Bifold Windown/a8/10/15
AZT0008.16 *Ultimate pull test - Bifold Louvren/a9/2/16
AZT0009.16 *126mm Sliding DoorAS20471/2/16
AZT0347.16 *Balustrade Window CombinationAS1170.112/10/16
AZT0349.16 *Front Glazed AwningAS204711/10/16
Standards CertStandardsMark LicenceAS204725/9/11
Standards CertStandardsMark LicenceAS20478/11/12
Acoustic Report GGS1308004 *AMH85 - 1500x1500 Opening Window Acoustic ReportGB/T 8485-200826/4/13
Acoustic Report GGS1308005 *AHM85 - 860x2000 Sliding Door Acoustic Test ReportGB/T 8485-200826/8/13
Acoustic Report GGS1308006 *AHM85 - 860x2000 Sliding Door Acoustic Test ReportGB/T 8485-200826/8/13
Report GTDM1109007 * AHM85 2400x2180 Awning aluminium windowAS2047-199913/10/11
Flammability CertGold Star 7047FR - Flammability Test certAS1530.1-199418/5/15
Partical Board ReportAnalytical Report determining Formaldehyde emissions 2/12/15
Waterloo Board ReportTest Report determining Formaldehyde emissions 12/11/13


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