Balustrade and Glass

There is no question the balustrade design and appearance can set one building apart from another. The security and structural integrity provides a level of safety for the occupier of high rise multi level apartment complexes.

Yintec has been provisioning balustrade products for years now and are conscious of the aesthetic and safety aspect the balustrade system must offer.


Balustrade 1

Balustrade 3

We are proud to supply the Dovetail 316 Stainless Steel system which is ideally suited to multi storey residential apartments. Yintec can source the ideal glass product to compliment any post configuration selected.

Our Balustrade Department can offer several other balustrade systems to suit various applications or perhaps you have a design of your own that you may like to discuss with us.

Balustrade 2

Balustrade 4

Balustrade 5