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What We Do

Yintec is a small international building manufacturing and logistics business with two offices in NSW Australia and manufacturing factories offshore. The company effectively acts as a business partner to the Australian construction industry through the provision of quality building products and fitout options.

The company enjoys a growing client base across the Australian eastern states and its ability to deliver timely and economical solutions places it at the forefront of building construction and innovation across the Australian landscape.

Our Services to You

To ensure we deliver the very best service and product to our clients we adopt and maintain active communication channels and reporting protocols from the time we first discuss your requirements right through to project completion.

Your specific requirements and special project needs will be identified with the relevant Yintec department during quotation and prior to appointment. Our skilled and experience team will demonstrate how to incorporate innovative ideas and products to deliver cost and time savings across your project.

Yintec offer a specialised service and have mastered the offshore manufacture of essential building products and our logistics are fine tuned to ensure your products will be delivered to site in a timely and efficient manner.

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Why Choose Yintec

♦ We have experienced and qualified team members who "know" the building industry and "know" how to achieve positive outcomes when project issues are identified.

♦ We can provide quality products that meet Australian standards at very competitive cost structures.

♦ We can utilise and tap the enormous potential of offshore manufacturing and provide access to international connections that you would not otherwise have.

♦ Our comprehensive portfolio of past projects and continued repeat business is testimony to the high level of service we provide.